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Introducing our Resident Team

Sofia Dias is the lead designer at Raia Miúda, blending future insights and strategic thinking to make them accessible to a broader audience. With a deep love for art, she integrates the concept of hope into the creative process, encouraging innovation. Sofia values divergent thinking and questions established norms, influencing her decision not to submit her completed Ph.D. thesis. Instead, she focused on decolonizing her project to inspire hope in those willing to engage.
In addition to being an educator, Sofia has a background as a consultant and mentor, with years of experience in trend forecasting in Portugal and Spain. She also led a postgraduate program in Barcelona. After the pandemic, Sofia shifted her focus towards more purpose-driven work, realizing the importance of making future literacy more widely available.
Sofia is contemplating writing a book to share her insights. She manages the digital platform DREAM IT • MAKE IT, aiming to offer innovative and strategic experiences. Her approach is grounded in practicality, seeking to democratize access to forward-looking perspectives.
Hopes Decolonizer, Experiences Designer, DREAM IT · MAKE IT

Sofia Dias

João Luis is at the helm of Raia Miuda Studio, wearing multiple hats as a psychologist, art therapist, and enthusiast of meditation and sports. He is deeply invested in fostering social and cultural endeavors, energized by the drive of inspiring individuals and projects.

In his role as Community Manager of Raia Miuda Studio, João leverages communication, facilitation, and logistical support to ensure the triumph of every RMS collaborator, user, and ally. Known for his optimistic approach to problem-solving, João guarantees a smooth journey for your efforts toward success. Looking ahead, he aspires to engage with youth communities, championing self-growth and confidence through art and sports-led initiatives.

Lisbon Art Therapy-X marks João’s signature in the realm of art therapy and facilitation, where he skillfully blends his expertise and insights, co-creating with Sofia in crafting Therapeutic Futures Innovation programs tailored for the corporate world. 
Psychologist, Experiences-Events-Community Manager, LISBON ART-THERAPY X

João Soares

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